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Product Review – RejuvaGlow and SkinDM BIG SCAM

Product Review – RejuvaGlow and SkinDM

Hi ladies, just to start I will let you know I fell for this BIG SCAM that is advertised on Facebook.

I saw the add for this product saying that was so good that, the first trial would be free, you would only pay for shipping and, that is how they get your credit card information to apply their scam. They  send you the product and, at first they only charge you for the shipping and, then 15 days later they charge you for the products, what comes to almost $ 200,oo dollars.

Then when you complain they tell you the trial is for only 14 days and you have to send it back during this time, and they said they have it written on the receipt ( Yes they do in small prints and on the opposite side of the page, where you can not see it.

At first I got really mad but, having the products already I decided to try it, give it a chance and, find out if the miracle product that they say they have would work, so I did it.

I tried the products for about a month and, my skin looked horrible, it dried and stained my skin so bad, it actually gave me wrinkles if this is possible!

So I do not know what they have in it but, it is not for women’s skin. I can’t believe what this companies sell out there!

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