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Red Hair Color Trend 2013


Red Hair Color Trend 2013

Red Temptation


(Natalia Allaverdova)

Red temptation is this outfit, the color lifts anybody’s spirit up!

Everybody looks great in red.

CHANEL Vintage Lambskin Medium Double Flap Red

Chanel shoulder bag
CHANEL Vintage Lambskin Medium Double Flap Red

Vivienne Westwood Croc Clutch Bag Red

Valentine’s Day Outfit



Starting today, i will post at least one idea of what to wear for Valentine’s Day. Hope you can find something that you like!

Monday in the Office set 1



Red is my favorite color, it goes with every woman, blondes, brunettes and, I really mean everybody. It’s a color that lifts everybody’s  day. Love it!

Thursday in the Office and Later Dinner.



You have a full day in the office and, no time to go home before dinner? Here is my tip for today. Red, black and white, you will look great during the whole day and, still look gorgeous tonight.

Going out tonight?




Everybody looks great in Red and Black

black and red

Ladies red and black is always a great combination, matches every skin color and looks great in every shape and size. I chose these sets for every occasion so you can play around in your closet and find something great to wear!



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